Management Service
All the time And
Step by Step
First Step

Contact one of our professional representatives; he/she will explain the functions and applications of each product.

Second Step: Location Planning

Comlife Healthcare will appoint technical staff to accompany each customer to survey and plan the location in order to ensure the customers' needs are met.

Third Step: Installation

Comlife Healthcare installation staff will arrange specific time to proceed with the overall installation process. The equipments will be ready to use 7 days after the installation is complete.

Fourth Step: Post-Installation Check

Comlife Healthcare technical staff will accompany customers to proceed with the post-installation check and instruct on how to properly use every equipment.

Fifth Step: After-sale Service

Comlife Healthcare provides various after-sale technical services to minimize maintenance and fixing costs to the customers. When problems occur, you will receive immediate technical support.

Product Service

As people value more and more about the health and leisure industry, fitness infrastructures will be the foundation of your everyday strength, and you need a partner who can deliver reliable quality services. Our different brands will satisfy your different demands, and our sale model understands and cares for your demands, and provides customized solutions.

We integrate all production process together into a single factory; therefore, we are able to grasp the quality of products, which are ISO 9001 verified. In addition, quick logistic service will greatly decrease waiting time.

Installation Management

Besides installing products at your designated locations, we provide professional advices on placing the products and facilitating in removing area restrictions.

Product Guarantee Service
Limited Guarantee Service

Limited Guarantee Service includes accidental structures or components damages on every product of each brand; we will provide fixing service or change of new components within the Limited Guarantee Service timeframe at your designated location.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service includes services from Limited Guarantee Service, and provides four additional maintenances at your designated location within one year after the installation.

Extend your Product Guarantee Service Now!

When your Product Guarantee Service is almost near the expiry date, we highly recommend you to extend the contract. The reduction of maintenance costs will allow you to continue to enjoy the benefits of our products! Please note: when the Product Guarantee Service is expired, you will need to provide additional payments to extend the contract. Please do not hesitate to contact our professional and experienced representatives for more related information.

Recycling Service

When the products have reached the end of their lifecycles, we provide immediate recycling service to eliminate excessive costs on customers.

“Maintenance is for Inspection ; Inspection is for Prevention.”

Comlife insists on the consistent services, apart from providing quality products, Comlife extent its services for the customers by providing the professional after-sales maintenance directly and supplying components of product continuously.

Our professional technician checks and maintains your fitness on a regular time schedule and if there’s any malfunction, we’ll repair it as soon as possible. (All the treaties are mainly base on the Quality Assurance provided by our company.